Links and More

Below are some links to external websites and informative articles. Many of the websites offer guides for starting community gardens, as well as general gardening tips. There is also a list of helpful books and magazines at the bottom. Please contact us to let us know if you have questions or trouble accessing any of them.


NEW! Translation/Interpretation resources for Spanish and Hmong speakers (including a list of local translators and interpreters):

Community Garden Projects:

McKinleyville Garden Project Blog

Del Norte County Garden Blog

Mendocino County Gardens Project

Shasta Gardens and ToolKit

Southcentral Wisconsin Community Gardens

Wasatch Community Gardens

American Community Gardening Association

The Big Garden

P-Patch Gardens

Gardening Tips:

Planting Chart for North Coast – Coastal (adapted from UC Cooperative Extension)

Spanish version – Planting Chart for North Coast – Coastal (adapted from UC Cooperative Extension)

Planting Chart for North Coast – INLAND (from Mid Klamath Watershed Council)

Basic Steps To Starting a Garden

Grow Tips for Different Crops & CalFresh at Farms/Farmers Markets (Food for People, Humboldt County, CA)

Tips for North Coast Gardening

Humboldt Gardening

Integrated Pest Management from UC Davis

Community Gardening Resources (list in a Word doc)

Kids Guide to the Parts of A Flower

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FOOD FOR THOUGHT (links to articles about agriculture and food):

The Grocery Gap: Who has Access to Healthy Food and Why it Matters by Sarah Treuhaft and Allyson Karpyn

The Color of Food by Yvonne Yen Liu and Dominique Apollon, PhD

“If They Only Knew”: Colorblindness and Universalism in California Alternative Food Institutions by Julie Guthman

AntiRacist Practice in Community Food Organizations by Rachel Slocum

Politics and Culture Magazine: Special Issue on Food Sovereignty (search “food sovereignty”)

The Role of Community Gardens in Sustaining Healthy Communities by Susan Thompson, Corkery, and Judd