Who We Are and Our Values

We are a support network of and for community gardeners and community partners who are resources to each other: sharing knowledge, seeds, tools, plant starts, ideas, connections, and labor – working together to sustain the numerous health benefits community gardens offer.

We are headed by a Steering Committee which meets every other month on the third Wednesday from 4:30 to 5:45pm.  Meetings are often at Redwood Community Action Agency, 904 G Street, Eureka, but we rotate locations regularly so our meetings are more accessible to gardeners throughout the area. Please contact us with questions or for more information.

We are primarily a volunteer-based organization. We have one full time staff member, whose office space is at Redwood Community Action Agency in Eureka. RCAA also provides fiscal sponsorship to the Garden Collaborative.

Statement of Values

* We value diversity of perspectives – of individuals, community garden groups, and partners.

* We value respect and integrity in all relationships and interactions.

* We value partnerships that are inclusive, mutually-beneficial, and foster teamwork.

* We value environmentally-sustainable growing methods that are ecologically-sound and healthy for people and the planet.

* We value inclusive organizational infrastructure for gardens which involves as many people as possible in decision-making processes and in sharing of management responsibilities such as repairs, finances, and care of common spaces.

* We value skill-building opportunities for gardeners to learn leadership and community organizing skills — such as outreach methods, meeting facilitation, and project and event planning.

* We value community gardening as one component of building a more localized food system that is accessible, just, affordable, and environmentally and economically sustainable.

* We value community participation and meaningful ways for more people to be involved in growing food for themselves and their community.

* We value community action, from the grassroots-level to the policy-level, around activities to support increased access to healthier lifestyle choices and particularly access to nutritious, locally-grown, and culturally appropriate foods for all in our communities.

* We value efficacy of our activities including maximizing and leveraging resources for the greatest community benefit and minimizing duplicity of services from other local providers.

* We value education for ourselves and the broader community about various practices for growing food and sustaining community garden spaces, the benefits of community gardening for individual and community health, and the relationship between overall good health and access to healthy lifestyle choices involving nutritious and culturally appropriate foods and physical activity.


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