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Thank you for visiting the website of the North Coast Community Garden Collaborative (NCCGC). We are a support network of and for community gardeners on California’s north coast. Please use the links on the top or left to learn more about us and the work we do. Our monthly e-newsletter, Gardening Gazette (most recent one below), provides news and current events. We welcome feedback on our work and our website – including helpful links or information we could offer, so please contact us with your thoughts and ideas. Happy Gardening!

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Support Needed for Community Gardens

Community gardeners of North Coast Community Garden Collaborative are busy preparing for spring planting, and are in need of community support. There are many ways to support local community gardens, including volunteering at a garden, serving on a committee to oversee a garden, and donating money or supplies. Community gardens provide space for people to grow nutritious and culturally appropriate foods; learn gardening techniques; and cultivate a stronger sense of “community.”
The following supplies are needed by gardens this spring:
– Soil to fill beds
– Fertilizers and soil amendments
– Tools, including wheelbarrows
– Fencing supplies
– Lumber and hardware for beds
– Irrigation supplies
– Water tanks

If you are able to assist please contact us at (707) 269-2071 or mitra@nrsrcaa.org. Get your garden karma points today! 🙂

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CalFresh for Better Living

Did you know that CalFresh benefits, formerly known as food stamps, can be used to purchase seeds and plant starts to grow food? Or that more people now qualify for CalFresh benefits due to changes in eligibility requirements? Or that it’s easier than ever to find out if you qualify? CalFresh benefits allow you to supplement your income by purchasing healthy foods, or seeds and plant starts with which to grow your own foods. You can use CalFresh at many local grocery stores and Farmer’s Markets – where you can support local producers by buying fresh foods as well as seeds and plant starts. Many Farmer’s Markets offer bonus dollars for using CalFresh as part of a “Market Match” program.

Planting your own garden using seeds purchased with CalFresh is a way to maximize both the health and economic benefits of utilizing CalFresh. A $3 packet of seeds can grow WAY more food than can be purchased with $3 at the store -especially for produce grown without synthetic chemicals. In addition to organically-grown, fresh, nutrient-dense, and culturally appropriate foods, gardens also provide opportunities for physical activity and stress reduction. A lifestyle which regularly includes exercise, stress reduction, and a diet featuring fresh and nutritious foods are key factors to achieving optimal health and preventing chronic epidemic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.

With so much to gain, why not find out if you are eligible to receive CalFresh benefits? You can learn more by clicking the link below, contacting the Humboldt County Department of Health and Human Services at (877) 410-8809 or 929 Koster St in Eureka, or contacting Food for People at (707) 445-3166 or 307 West 14th Street in Eureka. You can also visit www.c4yourself.com for more information or to apply online. Food for People also has many CalFresh resources available at www.foodforpeople.org/calfresh-task-force– there are even gardening resources for common crops!



Henderson Community Garden in Eureka, CA,
created a YouTube video about their garden.
Click below to check it out: